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18 April 2019

Harbour services

Maritime transportation

  • Assistance in drafting necessary documentation
  • Delivery of goods to a port of shipment
  • Sea freight
  • Cargo moving control
  • Delivery of goods from a destination port to a destination place
  • Return of an empty container to a port

Port logistics

  • Loading, unloading of motorcars
  • Storage of motorcars at a port:
    • Registration and accounting of motorcars;
    • Placement of motorcars within the open area of a commercial warehouse;
    • Carrying out a visual survey of the external condition of the vehicles;
    • Inspection of completeness of motorcars;
    • Drawing up of acts of damage;
    • Creation of records of motorcars movement within the warehouse territory;
    • Entering of data into an electronic database (IT).
  • Procedures for motorcars service
  • Installation of additional equipment
  • Drafting of motorcars’ damage certificates
  • Compilation of documents, batching, preparation of motorcars for shipment
  • Storage of all types of spare parts and accessories
Harbour services Harbour services