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18 April 2019

Customs clearance

Services of the customs representative include the following:

  • Placement of goods to the warehouse with registration DR (document of the report)
  • Radiation monitoring
  • Placement and registration of vehicles in the area of customs TSW
  • Performance of complex of the work related to the customs clearance of goods (code definition of goods on foreign trade, check of need for verification of tariff and non-tariff regulation, etc.) and placing them under a certain customs regime (import, export, re-export, temporary import, etc.)
  • Filling of customs declaration, the customs value declaration and other necessary documents for customs clearance
  • Formation of Corrections of the customs value, the Customs Declaration-2 (if necessary)
  • Calculation of utilization fee, filling in of utilization fee calculation form, assistance in the obtaining of certificate of title to vehicle \ certificate of title to vehicle chassis, arrangement for the obtaining of a mark in the certificate of title to vehicle \ certificate of title to vehicle chassis confirming the payment of utilization fee
  • Provision of goods declared to customs authorities
  • Submission of required documents and additional information to the customs authority for customs clearance
  • Ensuring the payment of customs duties and other payments under the current legislation of the Russian Federation in respect of declared goods
  • Formation of a package of documents after the release of goods
  • Ensuring of registration and obtaining allowing documentation (certificates, licenses, sanitary and epidemiological conclusions, declarations of conformity, etc.)
  • Informing about progress of operations on customs registration of goods and the difficulties encountered
  • Committing of other actions necessary for customs clearance and customs control