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18 April 2019

Legal services

  • Preparation and conclusion of agreements on rendering services of customs representative
  • Informing on the customs legislation of the Customs Union, practice in the application of the Customs code of the Customs Union, international agreements of Customs Union member states, decisions of the Customs Union Commission
  • Advising on the application of the customs, civil, administrative and other branches of law
  • Legal assistance in resolving disputable issues of customs clearance, representing of customers’ interests in customs and other authorities of Executive power:
    • Preparation of motivated requests to the Federal Customs Service and Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation;
    • Appealing against illegal decisions, actions (or inaction) of customs bodies officials to a higher authority or by the court. Legal representation;
    • Representing of customers’ interests in customs bodies in cases of administrative violations.
  • Advising on preparation of documents required for recording of legal entities in Registers of entities carrying out activities in the field of customs
  • Advising on matters related to the requirements for technical equipment and arrangement of the customs control zone in accordance with the laws of the Customs Union, including:
    • Design layout of the customs body;
    • Development of scheme of premises and (or) outdoor areas intended for use as temporary storage warehouses / bonded warehouses;
    • Development of technical arrangements and equipment of the territory of temporary storage warehouses / bonded warehouses.